Top 10 Tips To Get Ready for Halloween 2017 

Every child looks forward to go on a trick or treat around the neighborhood on the eve of the Halloween. To properly celebrate something, you must do it with full zeal and zest and that means getting your costume ready as well. If you are planning to go to a Halloween party, you must have a killer look to stand out among hundreds of people, all wearing unique and different costumes. The following are some of the practical tips involved.

1) Decide in advance:
The best way to prepare for Halloween is to start working on it beforehand. Sit down with your friends and family, brainstorm ideas and make a list. Finding a costume a day before Halloween is easy if you want to look like an enthusiastic and boring person. Anticipation is what makes any event or festival beautiful and exciting and the same goes for Halloween. You are guaranteed to find the most unique and weird ideas for your costume if you start a month or two before the grand day. Remember, don’t tell anyone what you are working on, they will find out on the right day.

2) Do it Yourself
The spirit of Halloween includes working together and putting an effort into what you do. It is a perfect opportunity to connect with your partner, parents and children. Appreciate everybody’s opinion and divide the work into groups. You can all go shopping, set up the decorations and prepare the Halloween meals. The holiday is not only about wearing a costume and handing out candy, but doing everything with full zeal, zest and happiness. Try to show the kids that you really care about what’s happening and to listen to what your loved ones have to say. Be more energetic and dedicated.

3) Go Classic
Going classic means finding out a character from the past who you really connected with and someone other people could identify. There are thousands of ideas to choose from. You can search through movies, artists, singers, politicians, world leaders, poets, writers, comedian and the list goes on. You can either go as Elvis Presley or Mother Teresa, Bob Marley or Kim Jong Un, Janis Joplin or Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe or Salvador Dali, The Godfather or the guy from the clockwork orange; whatever personality you choose, just make sure to stay in character as long as you are wearing your costume.

4) Go pop culture
Finding a costume that most people identify with is an easy task, it is finding one that makes people giggle and appreciate your creativity that takes some brainstorming and serious thought. If there is a pop culture Halloween party in town, most girls will dress as Harley Quinn or wonder women and boys will go as jokers or batmans. These costumes are becoming too predictable and that’s why you need to go with something funkier yet identifiable. You can go as eleven from stranger things or even as Ellen DeGeneres, just make sure that you are not another sheep in the herd.

5) Turn your front yard into a graveyard
This one will seriously give the kids something to remember. All eyes passing by your street will be stuck on you front yard. Bring small grave stone models and stick them irregularly in the ground giving it an ancient graveyard look. Put a sound recorder camouflaged in the yard and play scary noises on it. You can also decorate it with further lightning and accessories. Leave a couple of open graves in between to give it a more natural look. If you want to take it a step further, sit in the middle of the graveyard and give out treats.

6) Squad goals
If you have a bunch of crazy friends who like to be awesome and party, then you have to celebrate Halloween as a squad. There are a lot of crazy ideas to choose from. You can all go dressed as social networks, Dothraki warriors, pirates of the Caribbean or as a bunch of a bunch of superheroes. Other ideas are getting dressed as your spirit animals, minions, Pacman and ghosts, rugrats, smurfs or even as pantone mimes. Doing anything with friends makes it more exciting and fun.

7) Be creative with what you’ve got
If you are too lazy to go out and shop for your costume and the guests are arriving in 30 minutes, collect stuff from your garage, attic and basement and work your way forward. Search the internet, call your friends and do some homework to come up with good ideas. Collect all the stuff you can and search your wardrobe for a base costume. Now, start working on putting stuff together on this base costume and make it look like something. The least you can do is cover yourself up with toilet roles and pretend to be a mummy.

8) Work on your home
Halloween is not only about wearing a costume and giving out cheap candy to the neighborhood kids; it is about transforming all your surroundings into the holiday spirit and that includes you home to. You can start by beautiful lights in your garden trees and rooftops. Hang rusty and dry branches from your house door. Anybody can carve out a few pumpkins and leave them by the front door. If you want your house to look special; you have to be more creative than that. Leave ghost statues, broomsticks and shovels in your front yard. Do anything you think will make the house scarier.

9) Greet your guests Halloween Style
You can start by giving them weird looks once they arrive. Make them wear awkward necklaces with made of fake bones and make them feel anxious and a little worried. Hand out a few blood colored lollipops and change your house bell for the day to something scarier. The dinner table should look like a table in a haunted house from the 60’s. Serve you drinks in antiquated cups and constantly play weird noises on your stereo. Let the guests think that there might actually be something wrong with you.

10) Couple goals
There are a hundred different ways you and your partner make it as the best costumed couple. You can go as Alice and the Mad Hatter, a magician and his assistant or a a mermaid and a sailor. You can also assume the roles of Geoffrey Baratheon and Sansa Stark, Batman and Robin, father and a nun, a lock and a key, tom and jerry, Minnie and mickey mouse, double stuff Oreos or even pooh and piglet. There are literally thousands of costume ideas out there, you just have to pick one and look cute.

Cleaning up a day after Halloween can really be a headache but if you put effort and celebrate it in the most fun way possible, then it is all worth it. Remember to be funky, weird, creative and awesome.

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