Top 10 Halloween costumes for Couples

Are you invited to a couple’s only Halloween party this year? Are you still undecided what to wear as a couple for this party? If yes, here is a list of top 10 Halloween costumes for couples to make the selection easy for you:
Wine and Cheese set

How about going to a Halloween party dressed as wine and cheese. Wine and cheese are not only compatible with each other; they also look nice standing to each other. You get two costumes in this set with one tunic having a wine bottle design and the other one having cheese design. Along with foam tunics, you also get a foam knife to make the dress very cute. FunWorld Perfectly Paired Wine And Cheese Set is one of the best Halloween costumes for couples.

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Bacon and Eggs costume

This is another great combination that will make you look like made for each other couple. Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume will help you hog the limelight at the Halloween party without making any effort. One tunic has print of bacon strips over it whereas the other has the print of an egg with yolk. This is one of the best Halloween costumes for couples.

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Peanut Butter and Jelly set

This is one of the most interesting Halloween costumes for couples in the market. You know peanut butter and jelly make for a perfect combination as a snack with bread and hence you can expect to look a cute couple wearing this fantastic couples costume for Halloween. One tunic has bread with peanut butter printed on it while the other tunic has brad with jelly printed over it. FunWorld Peanut Butter And Jelly Set will get you the attention that you are desirous of.

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Garth and Wayne costume set

If you two friends are going as a couple to attend a Halloween party, this Garth and Wayne costume will be a perfect one for you. Actualy it consist of accessories that you two can put on over your regular casual clothing items. Wayne’s World Garth and Wayne Costume Set contains a black and a blonde wig, Wayne’s World hat, glasses for one person, and drum sticks. This is one of the cutest Halloween costumes for couples.

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Plug and Socket costume

Wear this plug and socket costume for couple and prove that you are made for each other. The set consists of black and grey tunics with prints of socket and plug and open at the bottom for pins of the plug to go inside the socket. Rasta Imposta Unisex Plug & Socket Adult Costume is a very unique and interesting costume set for couples. It will certainly win over all your friends at the Halloween party.

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Tropical tourist costume set

This is a costume set designed to portray both of you as tropical tourists. Wear Forum Novelties Men’s Couple’s Fun Unisex Tropical Tourist Costume to look like global tourists ready to trot exotic tropical destinations of the world. In addition to printed shirts and short, there are lots of accessories like camera, sandals, and sunglasses to complete your look as a tourist.

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Pair of sneakers costume set

How about going to a Halloween party dressed as a pair of sneakers? It is a very interesting idea and you will love this costume containing tunics with foam shoes with strings. Stick your faces out of the hole made at the top and you are ready to strike pose as a sneaker couple. Adult Pair of Sneakers Couples Costumes will make you look like a very cute couple at the Halloween party.

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80s Heavy Metal Halloween Wigs – 2 Pack – Blonde and Black Wig

This is a pair of wigs that you can wear over your heads and on any casual costume that makes you look like a rock singer. One of the wig is black while the other is blonde. Wear 80s Heavy Metal Halloween Wigs – 2 Pack – Blonde and Black Wig – Rocker Costumes to rock the Halloween party as a couple this year.

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Rock, Paper, Scissors Adult Costume

If you are three individuals going to a Halloween party, this rock, paper, and scissor costume set can be a perfect dress for the three of you. As the name implies, one tunic has foam rock, one has foam paper and the last tunic has a foal scissor made on it. Rock, Paper, Scissors Adult Costume is a wonderful Halloween costume to catch the attention of everyone else present in the party.

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